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How ethical hacking used in automating services overriding captchas

The captchas are the most important tool that stops bots, automated programs, and other robotic tools from accessing a website. The captchas helped millions of webpage to protect them from malware, viruses and bad scripts. Also, captchas play an important role in restricting the misuse of hardware resources, paid & free tools etc. 

Though captchas have a significant advantage of protection, it remains a barrier for good automation process. This leads the companies to manually work on projects and invest more money in human resource. But, the captcha entry services came into the scene to provide a solution to ethically hack the captcha processing to improve automation. This article provides an idea of how ethical hacking helps automation services.

How captcha programs help to protect the resources:

The Captcha is the completely automated test to tell computers and humans apart. This means captcha should be able to deduct the difference between the human and computer access. With proper settings, it would help to block the automated access to the programs.

Though paid applications use proper protection using the subscription process to at least restrict the free users, the free applications available on the internet suffers from bot access completely exhaust the resources. Especially the server resources get overused. The overuse will attract the penalty of server provider or it might slow down the application beyond the minimum user level requirements.

Captchas are the only solution to protect the precious resources from the root. When someone gives the request to access the content or the application, the captcha will automatically screen out the bots and only allow the humans.

The Google ReCaptcha is the open source project developed to protect the internet based applications from automated access. It helps to protect the online tools, login pages, registration & signup pages, applications etc. There are different ways the Google ReCaptcha can be used.

I'm not a robot

The first method is to make the user solve it to enter into the application and this is the most preferred method. The second method is to run the ReCaptcha in the background. If it finds the threat it will immediately block the user bot.

Need for automation necessity:

The captcha is designed to stop all the automated programs whether it is good or bad. Techies believe, the captcha should be overridden in order to automate the services. By automating the process the services can save time that is unnecessarily done just to prove the human entry. 

So, where there is a need for automation? The automation is very important for online service providers, search engine applications and other essential programs. For instance, in the search engine optimization process to find the metrics in bulk it is impossible to do it manually. By automating the process, the user could collect more data and quickly analyze it in order to complete the projects. This is just an example, the automation process is used in several fields to make services reliable.

Ethical Hacking process for semi-automating services:

The process of making things automated with the help of human assistance is the only possible solution for this process. It’s hard to find the people who can help for this process. That’s where the captcha solving services comes in. The captcha solving services with having a number of captchas solving workers just to help the companies to automate the services. They are advised to do this as captcha entry jobs in order to make money. Workers solve the captchas, service receivers automate their apps and the captcha solving services run their business.

They do this via APIs. The service receiver should install the captcha provider API in their application. The captcha entry site will automatically receive requests and process the request based on the requirement.

This process can be called ethical hacking with the help of the human. Moreover, this is a semi-automation technique because still a person is involved just to automate the service by solving the captchas but not the computer which helps to solve.

Every industry has the problem of security and the internet services had to ensure extra security since they are the more vulnerable one. Captcha provided a good solution until the captcha solving services were on board. This ethical hacking for semi automation process is a great idea unless the services are used by hackers, programmers, coders trying to misusing the services.

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