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What do you think about HTTPS?

What do you think about HTTPS? And why do big companies and some website owners use them?

The SSL certificate is a key of protection against attackers and necessary to encrypt the communications between the browser and visitor. The role of SSL certificate is inevitable in the development of online business. We can see that SSL security works on human psychology a person only trust those things that he can see with his eyes. SSL security enables visible signs – “HTTPS” and a padlock icon in the browser that is a symbol of the authentication and secure website.

Earlier HTTPS was not such a big deal but since Aug 2014 it is official that HTTPS is also the part of Google’s search engine ranking, you can check out the blog post here: HTTPS as a ranking signal.

Here are some of the positives aspects of using HTTPS (SSL) instead of HTTP:

If you have read the blog post then you already must have noticed that how important it is to get HTTPS instead of HTTP to improve your search engine ranking.

Using HTTPS can be beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Secured URL: Your URL will remain secure if you will use HTTPS. Nowadays, online buyers are more aware of their information security and always prefer to buy any products from HTTPS secure website.
  2. SEO: As I have already mentioned above, HTTPS is a part of Google’s ranking factor which means more chances of getting your website’s/blog’s links to be indexed at the top page (search result), which is equal to more profit and success.
  3. No CTR Problem: If you will use HTTPS instead of HTTP then your domain will be considered more trusted that means you will get high CTR (Click through Rate), Which can also help you in rank boosting.
  4. Trusted Domain: If you will use HTTPS then the visitors/other users will feel more safe and secured when they will visit your site/blog. HTTPS will give an indication that your site is safe to visit i.e. more traffic equal more profit and success.

So if I was able to change your mind about the aspects of HTTPS then let me tell you how you can get the HTTPS for your website/blog:

From where to get HTTPS (SSL) for your blog/website:

If you are ready to get HTTPS (SSL) for your blog/website then I should recommend you to use SSL2BUY.

What is SSL2BUY?

SSL2BUY is the best provider in the SSL industry and offering inexpensive SSL certification. It provides the complete security solutions to your online business.

Why should you consider using SSL2BUY?

You should consider getting SSL2BUY because of the following reasons:

  • Huge range of products: SSL2BUY is one of the top SSL certification provides and partnered with foremost certification authority like Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, Comodo, GlobalSign, AlphaSSL, and RapidSSL, so they have huge range of SSL products which means you have more options to choose the best!!
  • SSL at cheap prices: As compare to other SSL certification providers, SSL2BUY provides their certification at a very affordable price. With the starting price of $8.67 for COMODO certification, you should consider that how affordable it is to buy SSL certification for your website/blog.
  • Satisfactory Customer Support: SSL2BUY provides high-end customer support, so if you are having any doubts/trouble or any other problem regarding the certification then you don’t have to worry, because SSL2BUY have their own experienced, skilled and hardworking team that is ready to provide support 24X7.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee: SSL2BUY makes every effort to provide 100% customer satisfaction and provides straightforward solutions to secure your website. As a customer, you are unsatisfied with their SSL certificate product or solution, and then they are committed to refunding your full amount within 30 days of your order.   
  • Extras: With each product, you will get extra benefits like free installation support, trusted site seal, unlimited re-issuance during the certificate lifespan, SSL tools to diagnosis troubleshoots and other great stuff!

How to buy from SSL2BUY?

To join SSL2BUY and to get their product all you have to do is, just follow this simple step which is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on any of the brands, let’s say COMODO.
  3. Choose any of the virtual good (SSL certification) that you want to buy.
  • Click on Buy Now.
  • Now you will be redirected to a plan selection page (Just choose any of your desired plans) then click on “BUY | RENEW” button and then click on Continue
  • Just fill the on screen instruction and that’s it you have successfully got your first SSL certificate!!

Once you have bought your SSL certificate then all you have to do is contact their support team and they will help you in installing SSL to your website/blog OR you can also contact you hosting provider for the support (That’s up to you).

So what are you waiting for? Buy SSL for your website/blog now!!

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You can also start your own SSL business by connecting SSL2BUY partner program. SSL2BUY always open their doors for entrepreneurs who are seeking for new opportunities to start a new online business or increase their business values by adding the broad range of SSL certification products.

SSL2BUY offers white label ready to host SSL store that you can sell SSL certificates at your own price with your own brand name. Their SSL partner portal is designed with simple and powerful inventory and order management system, so you can easily manage the orders, renewals, re-issuance, revocation, etc.    

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It is a trademark of trust what a customer feels while seeing SSL seal on a website.

If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below

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